Student Testimonials / Reviews of Vaidya Tutorials
for CIMA, ACCA, Case Studies and Mentoring

Anuradha Relekar - CIMA Member - Aug 2021

"Regarding Vaidya Tutorials, I had an very astonishing coaching expirence, who guided and supported me to achieved this prestigious landmark in my life. In case of any doubts, diffculties Gaurav Vaidya Sir was always their to advise, help me with his wisdom and thorough professional. I highly recommend you all aspiring professionals today to join Vaidya Tutorials and make it big in your one big life."

Raj Jaain - CIMA Member - May 2020

"I express my sincere gratitude to Mr Gaurav Vaidya Sir, for my success in CIMA Strategic Case Study Exam. You enriched my knowledge with your excellent teaching techniques and special designed sudy materials and I appreciate the way how you relate the theories with the real life case studies and how you prepared me for the exam. Without your guidance, it would have been difficult. Thank you so very much."

Aditya Bhanu - ACCA Member May 2019

"ACCA requires all students to mention relevant points in their answers and the students should be able to justify that point. This has been summarized as what and why. Considering the same, Question 1 -What? Answer - Vaidya Tutorials Question 2 - Why? Answer – Training under Gaurav Vaidya enabled me to focus on the application of concepts rather than just understanding them. He has his own unique techniques of approaching the questions and he also invests a lot of efforts in reviewing the mock exams of each student. Using his techniques and applying his recommendations has helped me to clear all the strategic level papers of ACCA in the first attempt. Apart from teaching, he also guides students right from registration till becoming a member with respect to ACCA formalities. I am extremely fortunate to have such a mentor and can’t thank him enough for all the kind help he has provided me for becoming a member of ACCA."

Rudra Naik - ACCA Affiliate March 2020

"Gaurav Vaidya's Coaching over the entire course has been quite professional and comprehensive. I have enlisted for coaching of seven papers. This ranges from Financial Reporting to Advanced Audit and Assurance and Advanced Financial Management. Each and every paper Gaurav Vaidya conducted approximately 80 hours of classroom training and conducted atleast 3 mock exams to ensure there is no shortcoming in preparation and understanding of the subject. He also cleared numerous doubts over the phone and through online platforms. This made him approachable and strengthened the clarity of various topics."

Rohit - ACCA 2017

“The conceptual clarity of topics,personal attention and on demand doubt clearance sessions are the key highlight of Vaidya tutorials.I am personally very satisfied from the classes and looking forward to join for my next paper.”

Jigar Jariwala - ACCA Member 2014

“Taking tuition from Gaurav (Vaidya Tutorials) is highly recommended..... As he managed to changed my perception towards one paper I was struggling with n in fact now I find very paper in ACCA very interesting......”

Gaurav Khanna - ACCA March 2018

“Hi aspirants ! This is Gaurav Khanna here . I met Gaurav Vaidya Sir in June 2016. Then Gaurav Sir told me you have analytical personality Acca will be better option for you and broaden your thought process. Under his guidance I cleared Knowledge and skill level . He is the best mentor I have ever met in Chartered industry till date.”

Nihar Nayak - CIMA Member 3rd Rank Holder Nov 2017

“I am very much grateful to Vaidya sir and only for his great support & guidance, i have cleared CIMA SCS. Joining Vaidya Tutorial is one of the wisest decision taken in my life. Conceptual clarity, proper exam techniques, teacher's personal effort (sometimes i personally felt my effort is less compared to Vaidya Sir), doubt clearance and most importantly qualitative notes, these are all things you will get at Vaidya Tutorial. Under Vaidya sir's guidance, achieving success is guaranteed.”

Nahush Deodhar - CIMA Member - April 2017

“My sincere thanks to Vaidya Sir for guiding me in one the most critical paper of CIMA strategic level ..Financial strategy F3. Vaidya Sir guided me on all the critical parts of the exam and how to manage the time . I found his coaching very helpful to pass the exam and would recommend him for mentoring and coaching for CIMA all levels.”

Santanu Dey - CIMA Member and 1st Rank holder June 2016 and Feb 2017

“Excellent, excellent & excellent - right from knowledge sharing till ensuring student's understandability and taking ownership of exam performances. I recommend Gaurav for CIMA tution for every one. I have ranked 1st in India in CIMA gateway exam under his guidance”

Bhumika - OBU Mentee - Singapore May 2015

“Thankyou sir. This would not have been possible without you. Will recommend you to all my ACCA friends back in singapore. Thanks again..”

Anish Patwardhan - CIMA SCS - Aug 2018

“I am glad that I got mentorship from you for CIMA SCS eaxm. Very well plan study techniques. Logical discussion during class sessions which helps to understand what to, how to answer and interpret the questions.”

Ruchita Sheth - CIMA Member and SCS May 2019 - 8th Rank holder

“Gaurav sir is very helpful and has in depth knowledge of the course. Apart from guiding you through the course , he helps you to develop confidence to crack any exam with ease . He undoubtedly plays a big role in my success and it was only through his teaching and guidance I could bag the 8th all INDIA rank in SCS..”

Nahush Deodhar - CIMA Member - Aug 2019

“I did my Strategic Case study coaching with Vaidya Tutorials . The quality of analysis given by Vaidya sir on Pre seen material was extremely high and detailed. All areas of syllabus and there link to the pre seen material was the key to pass the exam which was taught by Vaidya sir extremely well... I would recommend Vaidya tutorials for CIMA all levels.”