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FAQs , Terms and Conditions, Payment details


NEFT / IMPS / SWIFT DETAILS for online fund transfer / payment are as follows:

HDFC BANK Ltd, Juhu Versova Link Road, Mumbai India Branch

Saving account no: 00191000285754

Name of account holder: Gaurav Sudhir Vaidya

SWIFT Code: HDFCINBB  ,   NEFT Code: HDFC0000019

You can pay by UPI also click on: 9820709570@upi

PAYPAL US$ Payment Link:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS By making payment you are accepting the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Live Online Classes of ACCA , CIMA and Mentoring. TUTOR / MENTOR Your main tutor and owner, Mr. Gaurav Vaidya is highly qualified international triple chartered professional, with prestigious international qualifications like FCCA (Fellow member of Chartered Certified Accountant by ACCA UK), ACMA (Chartered Management Accountant by CIMA UK), CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant). He is also an Registered mentor for Oxford Brookes University (OBU) Research and Analysis Project (RAP). Some tuitions or part of the tuitions may be conducted by other appropriately qualified tutors of Vaidya Tutorials. TIME TABLE The time table mentioned / discussed is only indicative and subject to change in exceptional circumstances. All timings are Indian Standard Time (IST). COACHING FEES / MENTORING FEES The coaching fees discussed, including discounts offered if any, are valid for a reasonable time from date of communication. Generally, coaching fees increased by around 10% every year, at the sole discretion of owner. Coaching fees does not include cost of recommended books, approved books and material, and what is payable to professional chartered bodies like ACCA or CIMA or to companies. Mock exams are to be purchased separately by the students as recommended by tutor. Coaching fees are excluding exam fees, exemption fees etc. Admission to coaching class is confirmed only on full payment of coaching fees for the particular paper. STUDENT RESTRICTIONS The use of tuitions and study material is restricted to the enrolled student only. No part of the tuitions, lectures or course material may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, distributed or republished in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise. It is strictly prohibited. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Every effort has been made to ensure complete and accurate information concerning the material presented in these courses. The companies, names and data used in the examples are fictitious unless otherwise noted. Any similarities to real life situations are purely co-incidental. However, the tutor and/or Vaidya Tutorials cannot be held legally responsible for any mistakes in recording, printing or faulty instructions contained within these courses. Vaidya Tutorials and/or the tutors do not give any pass guarantee. ONLINE CLASSES REQUIREMENTS Online classes are live interactive, and aim to have two way group discussions. Classes are not pre-recorded lectures, and hence no pre-recordings are available. Recordings of live lectures may be provided if possible. Generally, classes are conducted using GotoMeetings or similar online program. It is the duty of the student to ensure that basic requirements for online class are met, including access from Laptop / PC, High speed internet access, Microphone and Speakers / Headphones, and of course, quiet environment, so that the class can be conducted effectively. Vaidya Tutorials will not be responsible for any technical issues at your end. To test your system for online classes and minimum requirements, visit: ADDITIONAL MENTEE RESPONSIBILITIES 1. It is your responsibility to confirm that you are eligible for the Oxford Brookes University BSc in Applied Accounting before registering for my mentoring service. 2. Full payment of mentoring fees is required before the mentoring can begin. 3. The mentor operates zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism and cheating in general, and expects the mentee to be honest and ethical. If the mentor were to find out that your work is not your own, or that you have cheated any other way on your RAP, then the mentoring service will be terminated and no refund will be provided. 4. Vaidya Tutorials and/or the mentor will not be responsible if mentee copies parts of sample RAP / RR / SLS in the final submission to OBU, in such case it will be the responsibility of mentee to prove to OBU that it is his/her own work, and the mentor and/or Vaidya Tutorials will not be responsible for any action, legal or otherwise, taken by OBU and/or ACCA against the mentee. Vaidya Tutorials and/or the mentor do not give any pass guarantee. REFUNDS POLICY Refund of Fees, if any, will be at the sole discretion of Vaidya Tutorials. The opinion of Vaidya Tutorials will be final and binding on the student, in case of any disputes. UNAVOIDABLE CIRCUMSTANCES Vaidya Tutorials reserves the right to refund the fees and terminate the coaching classes under situations beyond its control. LEGAL DISPUTES These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indian Laws, and shall be subject to Pune jurisdiction to resolve any disputes. PRIIVACY POLICY If for whatever reason, the ACCA, CIMA and/or OBU ask for details regarding our coaching / mentoring relationship, I will of course comply.

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?


CIMA Case study - Around 40 to 60 hours of comprehensive in-depth coaching is conducted on the CIMA main preseen or for syllabus coverage. 


ACCA & CIMA MCQs - Around 80 to 100 hours required for each paper course. 


It will include discussion of the technique required for scoring highly in the ACCA exams, CIMA case study and MCQ exams. Apart from this student needs to devote requisite time at home per paper, as instructed by the tutor. Live Classes include review of mock exams, and doubt solving till last day of exam. Please note that the live classes are group discussions, wherein all students will be participating in audio and/or video format.

Each case study course of CIMA class will be conducted on Saturdays and/or Sundays , as discussed with tutor. Some MCQ classes are conducted on weekdays. ACCA classes are generally conducted on weekdays (Mon to Fri).

Online Classes details and support

I try to ensure that you get the best quality online discussion on the topics under discussion. Generally, I will be using commonly used online programs like GoToMeetings for the live online classes.  The classes are group discussions, hence please make sure you have a quite environment, for getting full benefit of the classes.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he has good quality internet connection and headphone, microphone for attending the live classes. Also attending from a PC / Laptop is recommended for better quality. Broadband internet connection is recommended.

To test your system for online classes and minimum requirements, visit:

Details of our Coaching Fees

Our Coaching Fees are charged on per paper basis for each course. You do not have to pay coaching fees for the whole course, instead only pay for that paper which you are going to appear in next few months. Coaching fees vary with each paper of ACCA & CIMA Case Study or MCQ  course. Coaching fees communicated exclude books cost and what you pay to CIMA or any other professional body.  Our coaching fees are among the lowest in the industry for these courses, if you consider on per hour basis. Please contact us on +919820709570 for more details about fee structure.

Welcome to Vaidya Tutorials - Why join us?

▪︎ ACCA and CIMA classes from Pune India.
▪︎ Live online one-on-one class discussions. 
▪︎ Two way communication via GoToMeetings. 
▪︎ Classes are NOT pre-recorded webinars.

▪︎ Registered Tuition provider of CIMA in India.
▪︎ Registered Mentor for Oxford Brookes RAP.
▪︎ Tutoring for more than 10 years from Pune.
▪︎ Rank holders created in past case study.

▪︎ Around 80 to 100 hrs per paper.
▪︎ Comprehensive in-depth coaching per paper.
▪︎ Personalised attention (one or two students).
▪︎ Study Text with Exam Kit integrated learning.
▪︎ Focus on conceptual clarity.
▪︎ Active learning and Participation.
▪︎ Regular feedback and doubt solving.
▪︎ Mock exam reviews.


Learn the technique of cracking international exams from Triple Chartered Professional (FCCA ACMA CGMA) & a Fellow ACCA member into full time coaching business.

New class batches start and exam months:
For ACCA - March, June, Sept and Dec.
For CIMA - Feb, May, Aug and Nov.

▪︎ All classes are on first come first basis.
▪︎ All classes are on per paper basis.
▪︎ New batches start every three months.
▪︎ Classes on weekdays or weekends.
▪︎ Coaching fees payable on per paper basis.
▪︎ ACCA / CIMA payments are not included.
▪︎ Books / Mocks to be purchased separately.


We can meet live, online in audio-video format via GoToMeetings (using same platform used for classes) to discuss further and solve your queries. Please WhatsApp on +919820709570 to book appointment. 

Thanks. Mr Gaurav Vaidya FCCA - Owner and Tutor - Vaidya Tutorials

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